How to Crush it on ZOOM

In the past year, virtual communication in business has exploded. The challenges of effectively communicating your message are daunting. Help is here!

With over 30 years of experience as a professional comedian and corporate speaker working at the highest level, David Michael has taken his powerful techniques for effective speaking from the Secrets from the Greenroom and brought them to the small screen, the computer screen, with How to CRUSH it on ZOOM.  He has taken his top three techniques along with quick coaching and put them into an easy-to-follow playbook that includes a game plan for your presentation on the virtual platform.  David not only writes the playbook, but also walks you through an actual presentation showing you to implement his most powerful techniques.


This book is different!  It’s not just instructions, but an actual “how to” on delivering your most effective presentation to your audience.  Let’s CRUSH it!”