Consultant & Coach

David is a true expert of communication on the stage and screen and invites anyone who has a need to improve their presentations, training sessions, or teaching engagements to learn and benefit from his custom brand of “edutainment” — a powerful combination of his instructional process and the secret techniques comedians use to communicate with proven success.  David can help you with:


David has spent over 30 years perfecting his craft appearing in movies, TV, and hosting radio. He’s funny. Really funny. He has worked with and learned from the best in the industry. Greats such as:
Jay Leno, Steve Harvey, Howie Mandel, Dennis Miller, Ray Romano, Tim Allen, Lewis Black, & Drew Carey

David is available for comedy performances for your sales conference, annual meeting, corporate team building or Holiday party.


Have to give a speech at your next annual meeting? Running for office? Need to train and inspire your sales team? If you speak to any group of people, David can help you. He and his team of writers can take your content or outline and customize if for you and your style. They will use all the writing techniques of the pros to make your speech powerful and memorable.

David can tweak your speech or start from scratch. Either option will result in a customized, original speech that will be authentic to you and deliver your message in the most effective way.